Auto Dialer

Auto Dialer Solution

BLM Dialer incorporated in 2020, is a global provider of IP communication, Cellular Industry Facilitation, Network & Wireless Technologies and Call Center Solutions & Technologies.

BLM Dialer Auto Dialer solution offers one of the best ways to maximize the efficiency of your call center and agent. The predictive dialer maximizes the volume of the service by distributing the queuing leads to available agents. It uses algorithms to reduce the waiting time for agents until the call is answered on the other end and complex mathematical formulas.

This automated solution predicts when a call is made to a lead, the average time before the call is answered, detects busy signals, and responds to machines. It has the unique ability to change the dialing rate when an agent is not present, or if it takes too long to answer a call from the other end.

The predictive dialer of BLM Dialer analyzes the failed calls, so that immediate callback action can be taken, or if special action is necessary.





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