DID Services

DID Services

BLM Dialer incorporated in 2020, is a global provider of IP communication, Cellular Industry Facilitation, Network & Wireless Technologies and Call Center Solutions & Technologies.

BLM Dialer provides a hand-off based on SIP that supports steady and staunch inbound calls to carriers. Via our DID (direct inbound dialing) origination services, available immediately for deployment, multiple numbers can be accessed in different US markets. We offer individual TN tailor-made solutions and service packages, which is because of our roots.

The customized packages provide for utmost flexibility and options of CNAM caller ID storage and more.

We are emerging as one of the top options with multiple rate centers across the U.S. We facilitate our customers by providing portability to BLM Dialer and save, in case of an existing local number.





Enhance The Competency
Of Your Call Center.


Best VOIP allows you to make free/very
low-cost calls over the Internet.

World Wide DID

We provide premium quality DID numbers for
any country on best rates.

Toll-Free Origination/Termination

High quality US domestic VoIP Calls and
A-Z SIP termination trunk routes.