Wholesale Termination

Wholesale Termination Services

BLM Dialer incorporated in 2020, is a global provider of IP communication, Cellular Industry Facilitation, Network & Wireless Technologies and Call Center Solutions & Technologies.

We deliver a suite of powerful outbound voice products at BLM Dialer, with which you can explore the VoIP termination environment.

By opting for our suite of outbound voice items, you can choose your own terms to move towards your objectives. You will have the versatility and power that your desired development inevitably requires to achieve.

With secure call competition, we deliver tailored products with enterprise-grade efficiency. The ability to accept 503s and forward calls and a sophisticated LCR engine that suits your needs can be achieved. For wholesale VoIP termination, BLM Dialer aims to provide both quality and cost, so you don’t have to worry about budgets and productivity.





Enhance The Competency
Of Your Call Center.


Best VOIP allows you to make free/very
low-cost calls over the Internet.

World Wide DID

We provide premium quality DID numbers for
any country on best rates.

Toll-Free Origination/Termination

High quality US domestic VoIP Calls and
A-Z SIP termination trunk routes.